Polystyrene Insulation

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Why You Need Polystyrene Insulation In Your Home
Construction of buildings requires more than just foundations, walls, and roofing. The components of these vital part are more important than you could ever imagine. One of these important parts is insulation. It is advisable that you insulate your homes while building because insulators serve different purposes for your home.
An insulator can be installed within the foundation, walls, roof, and beneath the concrete foundation of your home. It is important to insulate these areas against harsh weather conditions that can affect your home and daily activities. There are several types of insulators you can use while building your home. However, of all these, Polystyrene Insulation is the most essential.
Polystyrene Insulation
The polystyrene compound is a thermoplastic aromatic polymer which is derived from a monomer (styrene). This compound is synthetic in nature and could either be in solid or foam form. Polystyrene sheets are the foamy form of polystyrene, and they are used to insulate residential homes and commercial buildings.
There are two types of polystyrene insulators: Expanded polystyrene sheets (EPS) and Extruded polystyrene sheets (XPS). Both insulators have their benefits, but when considering polystyrene insulation for your building, utilizing the two insulators will provide you with the best results. It is imperative to know why you need polystyrene insulators in your building. Some of these reasons:
1.         Water-Shedding System
It is recommended that you have insulation in your home, especially when you live in a cold region. The climatic conditions can change at any time, and it is important to be prepared. Polystyrene sheets are the best for roofing and wall building because they resist water preventing leakage in your homes. They come in different measurements, both in width and thickness, and they can be used in any part of your home. Lining the fascia and soffits of your homes with polystyrene sheet will prevent water from getting into the roof and wall board. This improves the quality of your home.
2.         Thermal Conductors
Due to the thermal conductivity of foam, this insulation is the best protection for your home against cold. The thermal performance of these polystyrene sheets is unparalleled to other insulators. The EPS, specifically, can resist moisture and cold leaving your home warm during winter. They are not as thick as the XPS and are better used for the walls. So, whatever the season, no matter how harsh, you will be shielded from the weather and the security of your home will be guaranteed.
3.         Pressure and Fire Resistant
For floor insulation, XPS is the best as they are very thick and can withstand any form of pressure. Apart from homes, these sheets are used in commercial buildings like warehouses, and they can also be used in the construction of car parks. They are very durable and can stand the test of time. The sheets are manufactured with a brominated flame retardant. In the incident of fire, this insulation around your home can repel the flames, impeding the spread of the fire.
Polystyrene insulation can help your home resist, water, cold, pressure, and fire. However, these are not the only qualities. The sheets, most times, come with up to 50 years warranty, and they are easy to install and maintain. You can decide to install them yourself, but installation experts will do a better job in protecting your home against external conditions.


Polystyrene Insulation
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