Coronavirus Decontamination Services

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All Pro Restoration Services is a certified and licensed coronavirus decontamination services with years of experience and the best team of technicians. As a leading cleaning and home restoration service provider, we have the best range of eco-friendly cleaning products to protect your home and office spaces from the ghastly coronavirus.

Risks with not disinfecting hard surfaces from coronavirus

Covid-19 can spread through hard and soft surfaces, and the virus can live on them for several hours to days. With one infected person touching doorknobs, touching handles and railings in public places, wooden chairs, tables, etc., he can spread the virus unknowingly to hundreds of others. Besides, hard surfaces continue to remain as one of the common ways through which the disease transmits from one individual to another.

This has made it all the more important for people at home, offices, schools, commercial places, restaurants, etc., to take active measures to hire professional disinfection services to ensure that their environment is free from the coronavirus. We are a skilled coronavirus decontamination services company, and we know the most effective way of cleaning your surroundings 100% using eco-friendly and pet-friendly products.

Cleaning COVID 19 infected spaces by yourself is a bad idea

Trying to clean coronavirus infected surfaces on your own can put you at a higher risk for contracting the virus and unknowingly spreading it to your family members and others around you. Also, if you are someone with an underlying health condition or over the age of 60, you are putting yourself in grave danger by coming in close contact with the infected surface.

Furthermore, you may not possess the PPE, the right supplies, and the cleaning products for the job. Besides, it is important to leave it at the hands of professionals and not take any chances with COVID 19, as it’s a deadly virus, and one wrong move can lead have serious consequences.

Three good reasons to hire us coronavirus decontamination

While the whole country fights the pandemic together, families need to take adequate measures to stay safe by keeping their homes and places of business 100% free from coronavirus. Here are some good reasons to hire a professional for coronavirus cleaning:

  • We possess top of the line equipment, the PPE (as per the CDC guidelines), useful cleaning supplies, and a well-trained team of technicians to clean and disinfect your hard surfaces and surroundings safely.
  • You and your family can stay safe while we take care of cleaning your surfaces. This reduces your risk of contracting the disease while attempting to clean.
  • We use eco-friendly supplies and cleaning practices, which means that your pets and children are safe from harmful fumes and chemicals during the cleaning process.

With the consistently growing rates of new COVID 19 cases in the United States, take measures today to keep your home and office space free from the highly contagious coronavirus with cleaning services from All Pro Restoration Services. We specialize in providing coronavirus decontamination services at affordable prices. For more details, call 305-469-6441 or visit

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